Updating not all consoles wings at the same time

  • Hello,

    Yesterday I updated a gma3 light to the newest software version, and something unheard of happened to me :

    It did update the console, but not the two wings (playbacks and commands). I had to upload both of them separately.

    On every other update it just updated everything at once, not partially (thus making the console useless).

    Did it happend to somebody else ? Is this behaviour expected ?

  • Same thing happened to me. Upgraded a Fullsize and a light at the same time (network update), both took the update to the master section, but the wings did not update. I was able to reboot and update each desk separately which resulted in the consoles updating correctly. Both desks are early serial numbers.

  • Just had the same issue too on a Light. Don't know about the serial number. Software update on wings via XML fixed the issue. Selected both, chose XML and pressed update. They should definitely add that to the update troubleshooting section. Was an easy fix, but quite stressful until you figure it out.

    Was updating from to Wings and playbacks stayed stuck on the previous number.

    Same as you guys, never had that issue on other consoles, including Lights. But that was earlier version numbers and other serial numbers. I have updated two different Compacts to with the exact same file on the same memory stick earlier without issues.

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