• Hi,

    is this just me? or are macros in way slower executed then earlyier versions?

    Updating Wings, Delay or Fade on my colorpicker with a few simple macros takes a while in this version.

    any ideas on how i can optimalize my macros to work faster or better?

    here is an example of a macro i use to set Xwings:

    Set Sequence 286 Thru 300 + 302 Thru 616 + 318 Thru 332 + 334 Thru 348 + 350 Thru 365 Property "XWings" "0"

    i also tried:

    Set sequence 286 thru 300 Property "XWings" "0"; Set sequence 302 thru 616 Property "XWings" "0"; >>>>

    Thanks in advance!

    - Harm van Eijken

  • Call the Sequence by name....f.e. the sequences are labeled:
    Phaser Group 1
    Phaser Group 2
    Phaser Group 3....
    instead: Set sequ 1 thru 3.....
    Call them: Set sequ "Phaser Group*"....

    You need to find a good solution to label the sequences (and all other items as well) in a propper way. As well I would use MAtrick Pool Items instead of hard values in the Cues. Then you have to change only the MAtricks instead of editing the Recipe Content of Cues.

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