Writing a macro for layout view.

  • Hello. Unfortunately, my English is not the best. Please look it up for me. I would like to ask someone for help in macro writing. I am learning now, but unfortunately the start show is too complicated for me to begin with. I do not understand its mechanics. I would also like to make a color picker for layout view, but the I got stuck with the xwings and x group buttons for delay. Can someone help me write these? Thanks in advance. Regards

  • It is the wrong way to ask someone to write Macros for you. If you don't understand that, it will not help you. In case there is an error, you will never understand where to search for a mistake and how it happen. You really should explore it step by step.

    I didn't check the startshowfile cause I have my own file, but you don't need Macros for a color picker ;) Just cue appearances and a knowledge of how sequences behave when overwritten f.e. And same with sweep buttons....you can just use commands in a cue. But to know what is done there you need to explore the commands which are written there and try to understand what they are doing.

    So my recommendation is, before you create a layou view with everything, discover the basics. What are sequences, what are cues, what are parts, how a setting of a sequence influence it,....and then with the time you discover as well commands (which is the basic for a macro). There are a lot of tutorials in youtube you can find which explain all this.

  • Yep, one of the easiest ways in MA3 now would be to create a "color picker" just with a Sequence pool item, and setting the button action of the pool to "GO". This way doesn't require you to do anything with a layout view.

    Like tk11de said, know what a cue is, what a part (recipe) is and then learn how to affect the contents of those.

    The MATricks (Xwing, Xgroup) button affects recipes which are (part) cues, basically what they do is either load a value from an MATrick, or a value directly set from a macro.

    Assuming you have a bunch of color sequences the syntax roughly amounts to "Assign MATricks X at Sequence X Cue Y Part Z". MATricks here referring to an MATricks item containing the timing information, the rest of the command determining where it goes. This amounts to the same as manually changing the MATricks box contents in the recipe sheet.

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