Random generator speed

  • to my understanding:

    Recipe and playback speed controls the speed of an attributes phaser-steps

    - a generator is not a phaser, it is dynamic step-value.


    Group 1 Full
    Step 2 Zero
    Step 3 Full
    Step 4 Zero
    Step 5 Full
    Step 6 Zero
    Step 7 Generator "RandomFlicker"
    Step 8 Zero
    Step 1 Thru 8 Transition 0 Measure 4

    This creates a 4 beat phaser at the given playbackspeed, where the fixtures randomly flickers instead of flashing together, on every 4th beat.

    Adjusting the playback speed, will change the BPM of the 4 beat phaser as expected, not the flickerspeed of the 4th beat (which is a property of the actual generator)

    I am certain we will see further options to control generators in cues, presets and recipes in upcoming versions.

  • Ringen

    yes you are right, my post above is not accurate, generators do follow the general speed of the source, e.g. sequence speed, which again follows grandspeed, or optionally a speedmaster, so you do have speedmaster control

    from the question in the initial post, my focus was on the cue level speed controls:

    • Cuepart property SpeedMaster
    • Cuepart property SpeedScale
    • Recipe properties SpeedFromToXYZ

    which all sets or overrides attribute phaser layers SpeedMaster+Speed, which adjusts the phaser speed only, not the generator speed.

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