• gentlemen programmers - can we expect the possibility of unlocking the ability to control encoders via midi in the upcoming version of the ma3 software?! This software is incomplete! and my question - are there any plans to create a view known from ma2 - i.e. action buttons? I know you can build your own layout - but this solution is convenient for midi/osc control.

  • As far as I know, the Lua canbus-emulator of gma2 is not documented, and can only be considered as an unclosed backdoor, not an actual/intended public feature.

    With that in mind, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the same to appear in gma3.


    Personally I would not expect gma2 action-buttons to reappear in gma3, if anything it would be more likely that the sequencepool and its elements gets more display and action/playback options,

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