Building a fixture with 2 adresses for Warm White

  • Hey everyone, I have a problem with my Nanopix Slim 1200, which we have in extra configuration with RGBWWWW. The normal fixture has a cold white and a warm white LED strip. How can I change the fixture so that I can control both addresses of the warm white LED strips with one encoder?

    If that does not work? Is it possible to link the encoders so that when you turn the warm white encoder, the cold white one also changes?

    Many thanks for your help,

  • Hey tk11de,

    I have tried it in the GDTF builder. there I always get this error message: "Failed to create DMX Channel
    A DMX Mode can only have one single logical channel that links to the same Geometry and Attribute." I don't think the multi-instance fixture is the solution I'm looking for. I would like to control the second warm white led strip in the entire lamp. preferably via an encoder. I put the DMX sheet of the lamp I have in the attachment

    Thank you very much,

  • Hey Krzysztof Korzeniowski,

    We have a fixture made especially for us. There the cold white LED strip was replaced with an additional warm white LED strip in order to have a higher light output. I would like to control this additional warm white LED strip with DMX values 9 & 10 using the same encoder as the warm white LED strip with DMX values 7 & 8.

    Thank you very much,

    • create a new attribute ColorRGB_WWdummy, that is part of same activationgroup, feature etc as the other colorRGBs, but has no special (=colorpicker function)
    • patch this attribute as DMX 9+10 with default at full
    • under relations, create a multiply relation between ColorRGB_WW as master and ColorRGB_WWdummy as follower
  • you need to look at the DMX sheet to see the actual result of Master/Follower relations

    In your fixturesheet the value you see for the WWDummy will be fixed, it is only the DMX-output of the dummy that will follow the actaul WW,

  • It is hard to recognize your issue when screenshot does not include all attributes, so guessing:

    remove the relation between virtualdimmer and WWdummy. now your dummy is scaled twice by the dimmer, once directly by the virtual dimmer and secondly via the WW which also get scaled by the dimmer.

  • Hey Andreas,

    thanks for your help! This works perfectly!!!

    Can you perhaps explain to me how I get the color warm white on the first page of the encoder wheels? At the moment the encoder wheel from the dummy channel is displayed there. as you see in the picture

    Thank you!

  • seems like you added (inserted) the WWdummy before the WW in the attributelist?

    repeat the whole process, but create a new dummy at the end of the attributelist.

    attributes/encoders cannot be rearranged/moved in current release v1.9

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