Gobo slots number when new fixture is added

  • Hello all,

    I'm curently building a gobo picker for my busking showfile.

    I have my sequences in a layout, appearances assigned, so far so good.

    But if I want to clone my fixtures, then my gobo appearances aren't matching anymore.

    I'm trying to build a macro to do it automatically, but the gobos in the gobo pool don't seem to follow any logic when a new fixture is added.

    How can I know in advance which gobo slots my new fixture will take so I don't have to manually change every appearance ?

    I hope it's clear enough

  • Doubt that MA will make it so that the Gobos in the pool are organized in any way, so I wold organize the gobos in the pool yourself, for example FixtureType 1 has gobos starting on the index 111 for wheel 1, 121 for wheel 2 and so on. This way you would have the gobos organized in a way that makes sense and then you would just have to keep it organized in that way always when you add new fixtures to the showfile.

    Then it is just copy paste and overwrite into the gobo image slots your picker is referencing.

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