Appearance Builder v1.6

  • Hey all, long time no see!

    Quite some time ago I wrote a plugin to build color appearances Called Appearance Builder, it was the first plugin I built in MA3 and I used it as a way of learning how Lua scripting works in MA3.

    Recently I wanted to make colors for system-type things like Fade, Delay Absolute and more so today I decided to update the plugin to add these as an option.

    It has been for more than three years since I have looked at the code for this plugin, so I decided to do a light touch and just add what was needed and fix any obvious issues. This could definitely do with a rewrite but for now, it's fine.

    If you are looking at the code you can edit the 'builtInColors' dictionary at the bottom of the file to add any common colours you would like, you can enter them as hex (0x00 - 0xFF) decimal (0 - 255) and as long as you select system it will tag them on the end of your build. I've hard-coded them for the moment, I'm sure I could dig in and try to find them in the template at runtime but these more time than I have.

    Some notes:

    • The Overwrite option isn't great, if it's off it basically skips over the occupied space and skips what would have been written there, I could hack fix it but it just makes my brain hurt.
    • The Commandline invocation won't currently build the system colors

    Anyway, the code is either on GitHub or attached here.

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