Current fader level as a variable?

  • Hello!

    Is there a way to get the current fader level of a executor as a variable in a macro or command?

    I am still a newbie to ma3 syntax and commands so please be gentle:)


  • Okay, I understand. I am not very familiar with LUA but if it would be easy to implement with next to no LUA experience, I could try it anyway.

    I would like to use a macro or a command to be able to increment the fader level of a sequence with, for example, +- 5%. I would then use a stream deck with companion to send these commands/start the macros.

  • my point for asking is that when you first need to resolve to Lua to get values it is often easier to complete the whole task within Lua, than passing things back as commandline variables.

    e.g. executor 201 fadermaster +5%

    local myobject = GetExecutor(201)
    local mytoken = 'FaderMaster'
    local myvalue = myobject:GetFader{token=mytoken}
    myobject:SetFader{token=mytoken,value=myvalue + 5}

    as commandline (with shortened varnames):

    Lua "local o=GetExecutor(201) local t='FaderMaster' local v=o:GetFader{token=t} o:SetFader{token=t,value=v+5}"

  • Thank you so much!

    I started to experiment and came up with my own verison:

    local function main()
    	testvar = GetExecutor(201):GetFader({})
    	testvar = testvar + 5
    	Cmd("FaderMaster 201 at "..testvar)
    return main

    Or as a single commmand: Lua "testvar = GetExecutor(201):GetFader({}) testvar = testvar + 5 Cmd('FaderMaster 201 at '..testvar)"

  • Archangel, this part gets the value of Fader 201 of current page (for example, Page 1) from 0.0 to 100.0. If you want to assign a value to the fader, then use

    local function main()
    	local faderLavel = 55
    	GetExecutor(201):SetFader({ value = faderLavel })
    return main
  • Архангел, try the following code:

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