Serious issue with Cue Break functionality and tracking

  • There is a thread with similar topic on the forum, but I think this deserves a special one.

    Please, take a look at attached showfile. Try to change a value in Cue 1 in one of the two sequences present and watch what happens in the cue with Break function enabled. From my experience original value from Cue 1 pops up in Break sealed cue. Do you see the same? I did it for fixture 1 (Robe T2)in sequence 1 and for fixture 11 (simple generic dimmer) in sequence 2. Is it just me?

  • Maybe I didn't make myself clear, because nobody finds it strange.

    Two pictures better than thousand words.

    Initial state of sequence 2 "Dimmers" in tracking sheet

    Now I update value of fixture 12 in Cue 1. Problem is what happens in cue 6. Fixture 12 gets for some reason value from Cue 1 before the update


  • Yep this seems wrong. I will report this also and investigate more to get more data. Or have I too misunderstood something?

    Edit: Okay now I see the problem. The behavior will occur if you change the tracking value if the fixture. Like in your example break will work correctly if you change the green value "0" and not the tracking value of "55". It will also work correctly if you change the value after the green zero. I really hope that they have a fix for this in the next update.

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  • Yep. There is a workaround, according to my distributor, but I'm not sure if it's intentional. If you switch Release in Cue 1 from grey <Yes> (Sequence setting "Release First Cue") to hard Yes, it suddently works as I would expect.

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