• Hey All,

    I want to add a second sACN line thru a macro.

    Tried a couple of lines but i can't keep it working

    Set Root "DeviceConfigurations"."DMXProtocols".2 Insert "deviceconfigurations"."Dmxprotocols".2.1.2

    Set Root "DeviceConfigurations"."DMXProtocols".2 Insert 1.2

    Set Root "DeviceConfigurations"."DMXProtocols".2 Insert "Dmxprotocols".2.1.2

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi ,

    You can do with Store

    Store Root "DeviceConfigurations"."DMXProtocols".x.y.z

    x = number of the protocol for sACN is "2"
    y = the tab in the protocol for DATA is "1"
    z = the number of the line

    Store Root "DeviceConfigurations"."DMXProtocols".2.1

    If you don't declare the number of the line will be add one in the end of the list.

  • Thanks!

    Got another question about the sACN settings.

    I also want to set the preferred ip or the interface from a macro or lua.

    I'm coming to the part where i need to get with the rooting but can't get the line working to adjust it

    local function Adjusting()
    	Root().DeviceConfigurations.DMXProtocols.sACN.Interface '1'
    return Adjusting

    Hope you can help me with this

  • I don't know what you want do but you can open the popup of selection of Interface and prefered ip with the command Edit.

    edit root DeviceConfigurations.DMXProtocols.sACN Property "Interface"

    edit root DeviceConfigurations.DMXProtocols.sACN Property "PreferredIP"

  • try

    Set Root DeviceConfigurations.DMXProtocols.sACN Property "Interface" x.y

    where x is the index of the actual Interface e.g 2 for

    List Interface 2

    and y is the index of the NetworkIP of the interface e.g. 1 for

    List Interface 2.1

  • Thanks guys!

    You guys got any documentation on how to implement roots and change values like these?

    I know of the dump function and with that i can come to the destination where i need to get, but to implement and change it my know how stops.

    You guys have any tips regarding that?


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