Repeating cue in the Sequence

  • Hi,
    There is a sequence of scenes.

    1. Concert presenter
    2. Song 1
    3. Concert presenter
    4. Song 2
    5. Concert presenter

    Cues 1, 3, 5 are the same scene for the presenter's exit. At rehearsal the presenter stands on the left. However, for some reason during the concert, he decided to stand on the right. Then I need to change cues 1, 3, 5. Working on a different manufacturer's light console, I could simply change cue 1, which would change cues 3 and 5, since they are the same cue: 1, 2, 1, 4, 1 .

    However, while studying the MA3, I don't understand how to achieve this. The cues created in a sequence are not connected to each other. They cannot be linked like sequences to get related parameters Assign Sequence 1 At Sequence 2. Tracking will not help here, since the cues for the presenter are broken up by songs.

    Is there a way to repeat the same cues multiple times in a sequence? Thank you.

  • Maybe working with presets could be the way for you. If you used a Position Preset in the Cue, you could simply update the Position preset to the new Position and GrandMA will ask you, if you also want to update your sequences

  • I don't know if I understood well your goal.

    But if you want work in one sequ where there are just 5 cue as you described I personally will solve with tracking distance at "0" in the cue 2 and 4.

    You data for presenter only in the cue 1.

    The cue 3 and 5 empty, so the will be only the data arrive from cue 1.

    Like this you can update only cue 1 and find the same data in 3 and 5, everything you put in 2 and 4 due you use tracking distance "0" will be valid only for the cue itself.

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