External Touch for grandMA3

  • I am trying to connect an external USB-C DP-ALT Monitor (Lenovo M14t) to a compact.

    Using a DP + USBA to USB-C found on Amazon and a separate external power supply I have the most success - the external screen is detected and it receives touch information.

    The MA3 does however seem to map the surface of the touchscreen across all of the possible screen space. e.g. by touching the top right of the external monitor the mouse is in the right place, but dragging downwards the mouse gets further and further away from the finger location. Halfway down the external monitor the mouse is just crossing onto the internal monitor.

    I can also not get multi-touch to work, though I am not sure if this is connected to the above problem or not.

    I have also tried putting a powered displayport repeater in series but a similar thing happens.

    Any ideas on what to try next most appreciated!

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