Timecode Feature Request

  • Is there a possibility that we can have a feature added to GrandMA3 on PC?

    Currently you need a third party software (Like Reaper) to side chain with GrandMA3 to link audio with the time coded light show. This being an ok workaround seems way too last generation Light software, feels way too MA2 for my likening. The Timeline(which already exists) should have ability to add audio files(.mp3, .wav..... so on) with a visualization of the audio to be played directly from the ma3 software without the need for a second computer causing delay and another failure point. The on PC software with a node is targeted for smaller events to small DJ's not looking to carry around 4 different laptops so an all in one solution should be available which ma3 is sooooo close to being their.

    Also scenes should be able to be drag and drop onto the time line, again new generation software.

  • this doesn't really answer my question, no response to if this is considered, will be available in the future or if drag and drop is even thought about.

    Seems like there is a considerable amount of support from outside of the forums but no action or updates to if this is going to be worked on, that thread was made 3 years ago with no progress,

  • Audio in the timeline is being considered as Daniel and I stated in the other thread, and there is a possibility that you could see a start of this in the next version.

    Not quite sure what you're referring to regarding "scenes should be able to be drag and drop onto the time line"

  • sorry, Drag the Cue created onto the timeline, instead of hitting the cue manually while recording then adjusting the time later.

    Side note, while doing said adjusting you have to rely on ears and the network delay (granted not large but more annoying then anything) where if a wave form is shown its a lot easier to match things up

    also sorry not in a great mood lately, waiting for years and only getting a "we may or may not be working on it" set me off. Not just this software forum

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