Slow Faders/Fader Jumping

  • Hi folks,

    I have a quite big MA3 steup running at a tv station.
    2 RPUs, 1 MA light, 1 PU XL, 3 extension wings and 8-10 Nodes, all in one session and connected via ethernet or fiber.
    I recognized that when switching pages on the console or the wings, that there is a lag on syncronizing the faders.

    Anybody had that issue already or even knows how to resolve it?
    Example video here:

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    Thx in advance,


  • Hi,
    I've same problem.
    I have faders that are much harder than others, which prevents it from returning to its position, when I change pages for example, the fader starts flashing red. Which ultimately ended up breaking a belt. So I had the Faders changed (500€) the problem is still there.
    So I'm afraid the belts will end up breaking one after the other.
    The repairman returned the broken part to prove to me that it had indeed been replaced. The version of the model (V1.2) is clearly marked on the new faders.
    It seems that I am not the only one in this situation.
    Is it possible to have an explanation? This looks like a design problem.


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