Cues with scaled phaser

  • Hello. I'm learning MA3 to work on it. On my old console I have the ability to record scaled effects into Cue. With MA3 I can't figure out how to do this. So, I'll describe it.

    Let's say I have Cue 1 and Cue 2. Preset 1.1 is a dimmer phaser from 0 to 100%. It is recorded on fader 201. Fader type Temp. The fader's job is to mix Preset 1.1 for Cue 1 and Cue 2. Everything works great.

    However, fader 201 works "live", meaning I have to set the fader level (phaser size) physically for each Cue (eg Cue 1 25%, Cue 2 50%). I don't need the full size phaser in these cues.

    Question: Can I write a partial phaser size to each Cue by default? For example, in Cue 1 record the phaser at a level of 25% of its maximum value, in the second at a level of 50%. Or are the phasers always written to Cue at 100% as one unit and I have no leeway?

    The faders are motorized, it would be great if, by moving to Cue 1, the fader (and therefore the phaser) itself position of 25%, and by moving to Cue 2 - 50%. Is it possible? Thank you.

  • you can use static presets in your phaser (check out integrate command)....there you can use an intensity phaser with max 50% f.e. an other option is to use relative values to scale the max absolute values.

    Thanks, but I can't understand. Please could you write a little more detail?

  • A simple phaser has 2 steps....Step 1: f.e. Dimmer@0, Step 2: f.e Dimmer@100....both Values at best stored in a Preset....If you use a Preset as Value they are integrated into the phaser.....if you use a Preset f.e. Dimmer@50 and this is stored in step 2, you can exchange the value of that preset and the new value isused in the phaser for step 2.....the thing about relative....I call it homework....try yourself how this might work. If you play around you learn at best :)

  • There are probably more elegant ways and you can write them. However, I'm currently doing this via LUA use a macro after saving a cue:

    Lua "Cmd('Set Cue Property \'Command\' \'FaderMaster Page 1.201 At '..GetExecutor(201):GetFader({})..'\'')"

    Question: How can I assign function GetExecutor(201):GetFader({}) value to myFaderLavel variable without using Lua? In a similar form:

    SetUserVariable myFaderLavel --GetExecutor(201):GetFader({})--

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