Camera to GridSelection command?

  • It also depends on how the camera positions are used when not visbile. I can imagine its a point of performance....please correct me if i am wrong MA. It could be an idea for a future release. I see it only a bit scared...its same with building auto-positions and auto-groups. I want to have control....and I build my groups only once before the show and make sure to have it correct aligned and symetrical. And I control it in advance....I don't see there a reason why I need a macro to select a group and bring it to a selection grid by macro....but that is only my point of view.

  • It doesnt help me. It is very weird that there is a button on ma software that has no macro syntax. Now i still have to store groups manually to my entire rig instead of a macro/plugin. Unless someone here jas an idea how to do it.

  • Again to what I wrote more is not done with having a command to assign a selection from 3D to the selection grid. You still need to define the camera and what happen to fixtures which would be outside of that view? That is more complex then having a command for it. A command can be used even if the 3D window is not open, so how would you control to have the right view, the right selection, the right angle,.....There are several more buttons which have no command, because they belong to a GUI function.

  • Unless someone here jas an idea how to do it.

    create manually ONE reference group with all fixtures in show, by using lasso and/or other UI tools available in 3D window and Selection Grid, and label the group e.g. MasterGrid

    then use macros to create all your groups, based on the grid-positions in the MasterGrid group


    Group "MasterGrid"
    If Fixturetype "Aura XB"
    Grid "RemoveGaps"
    Grid "RemoveOffset"
    Store Group "Aura XB"
    Group "MasterGrid"
    If Fixturetype "Viper"
    Grid "RemoveGaps"
    Grid "RemoveOffset"
    Store Group "Viper"


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