'Waiting for NetworkNode' Problem

  • Hi everyone, Normally I am not really a topic starter, but this time I could not find anything related to the problem I'm experiencing at this moment. I use a MA3 2port onPC node that is connected to a Windows 10 pc running GrandMA3

    When I change something in the patch or load a difference showfile, I occasionally get a loading bar showing: 'Show data negotiation (master) : 1 of 1' and 'Waiting for NetworkNode ( 'onPC-2Port-0171') : 1 of 1'. The message does not disappear, until the software has been restarted. This message is especially easy to reproduce by connecting a second onPC device to the session and loading a different show on that device.

    I already have reinstalled the MA software on both the PC and the node (incl formatting). Although the software version is the problem is also present in I am using because of the shortcut bug in

    I hope some of you have an idea to solve this problem. Thanks in advance!

  • Thanks for your responds! The network node and the pc are connected via a Netgear GS305EP switch. All with CAT 5e cables. The pc has ip and the node with the same subnet mask (

  • I have checked the cables, with no succes, sadly. The weird thing is, the connection is perfect until a different show is loaded or the patch is changed. To be honest, I think it’s software related.

  • Good day. I had the same problem and I sent a report to MA. They told me that they were trying to recreate the failure in their systems since there was nothing strange in the report and the failure was weird since I had everything well configured in the computer. They also told me that I was one of the few people in the world that this happened to (they had around 10 cases in total a year ago) and that's why it would be hard to solve since it was an odd mistake.

    The solution i found was to not use the node and use the Comand or Artnet outputs unless it needs more outputs. The software only and the node never gave me any trouble.

    I would recommend you send a report to your MA distributor.

  • After some troubleshooting and help from you and Reddit, I have narrowed it down to VLAN option on my switch. The manual recommends to use separated VLAN's for each MA-net3. When enabling the VLAN option and putting all the ports in one VLAN the problem is gone. Thanks for everyone’s help!

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