Layouts limited as Executor Button Page substitute

  • Hi, as an MA2 user I’m finding the MA3’s reliance on layouts as a substitute for executor button pages to be really cumbersome. The MA3 / layout approach requires more steps to set up and offers less visual feedback. For example, there is no visual indication on sequences in a layout as to what function is assigned to them (eg. Go / Toggle / Flash). There is no option to show the cue stack.

    This feels like a big step backwards for creating / using on-screen triggers. Does anyone have tips on this process? Anyone have a sense as whether MA has plans to improve on sequences in layouts? I’m advising folks to avoid upgrading for the moment unless they’re only using physical playbacks.

  • It seems you didn't find the new advantages....yes there is no Action Button, but you have new things like Cue Appearances for example. And why is it important to see if you assign Go, Toggle, Flash, Temp on such a Executor? Oh and did you also see the Pool options? You can make a Pool f.e. Toggle. So you can use different poolsettings. And why do you need to see the Cuestack? In MA2 you saw only the active Cue (or loaded one) plus the 2 cues after actual one. If you load a cue, you can see this one in the layout view as well, if i work with my file. i know what is coming next. And yes, it is work to create a layout, but it seems you didn't find or see all new possibilities which make sometimes a layoutview needless.

    MA3 is a new software and its good to cut old tails and dive into a new system and create something new. Believe me, i also missed the action buttons, but then decided to dive into the new possibilities and i don't want to go any step back to MA2....I love the work with MA3. I made a copy of my MA2 showfile in the beginning and after working with this in 2 shows, I made tons of changes and these changes was more then a big step ahead. If I sit now behind a MA2 I ask myself, how was it possible to work this way, and there are several things I even can't do in MA2 on easy ways.

    I would advise people to use MA3, if there are things missing, then contact your local distributor and make a feature request. And I advice people to see the new opportunities! I can't understand people who only look backwards and argue with not really serious arguments.

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