Help for my new Busking Showfile

  • Hi to you all and a happy new year.

    I've been working on a new Busking Showfile on GrandMa3 (I'm new to it). I don't use the MA Startshow because I want to learn it from scratch.

    So I already made fixture patch, groups, presets and sequences. The sequence contains recipes. So good so far. But I would like to change the different timings/values (fade, delay, phase, mirror, shuffle, groups ect.) on the fly for the sequence with or without the MaTricks.

    How can I do it? Please explain it for dummys, so every idiot (like I am) can do it.

    I know the ATC Website. But it doesn't help me.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Basically you have two options:

    1. Have the Sequence reference its own pool items for selection, values and MAtricks. Then manipulate those pool items to modify the Sequence. You would typically copy another pool item onto it.

    For example: You have Sequence „MyColor“. Create an empty color preset „MyColor“ and reference it in your recipe. Then copy predefined presets onto it with macros: copy preset 3.“Blue“ at preset 3.“MyColor“

    2. The other option is to manipulate the recipe through macros.

    Example: assign preset 3.“Blue“ at sequence „MyColor“ cue 1 part 0.1

    To me (a non professional) it feels like the first option is the gma2 way as it did not support recipes. The second option feels more native to gma3 to me. But it has limits when manipulating MAtricks. So I would recommend to try both and see what you prefer.

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