Macro for Lamp ON and Lamp OFF MA3

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm searching for a macro that could help me to do the Lamp ON on my fixtures, but every 5 seconds one by one, before a rehearsal or a show. We bought recently 8 MAC250 Krypton with discharge lamps. So i would like to light them up every 5 sec. And a macro to light them off when the show is over.

    We have a MA3 command wing with OnPc software.

    Or else i could create 2 sequences, one concerning the Lamp On and the other one for the Lamp Off. Do a macro would be more advisable as we have the risk that a sequence could be shut off accidently ?

    Thanks for your advices and have a nice christmas ! ;)

  • You can easily solve this with two sequences. On for Lamp On, on for Lamp Off. Ideally with Recipes:

    1. Create a Global Preset for Lamp On and one for Lamp Off.
    2. Create two Sequence with a Single Cue each
    3. In each Cue, add a Recipe that selects all your MACs, the „Lamp On“ / „Lamp Off“ Preset and set DelayX to 0 thru 35
  • Hi ! and Merry Christmas !

    Ok, i'll try this ! I never created recipes for the moment, it will be the occasion !

    I'll tell you if it's ok and if i have any further questions.

    Thanks !

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