Gobo rotate presets

  • i am trying to set gobo rotate presets, but when i store them i'm only getting the index and no rotation.

    i've tried using filters, but no luck.

    can anyone point me in the right direction?

    or another way of storing them for fast recall.

    (i'd also be interested if you can store them to the rotary knobs for speed control?)

    thank you.

  • Once you've created the gobo look you want, have a look at the control feature. Some fixture functions are mapped as control features instead of being children of the attribute group to which they belong.

    With some fixture profiles, activating a gobo function may bring into the programmer a specific control attribute that is required for a gobo effect. Even though this control parameter is in the programmer, the feature group does not register as activated, so when you store, that control attribute will not be included. The work around is to "ON" the particular control attribute that is in the programmer prior to storing.

    I believe that the error lies in the Default Attribute Mapping.
    As you can see in the table below, all the gobo mode and color mode attributes are by default a part of the Control Feature.
    The user can re-map these definitions, but its user specific and gets reset with every software update.

    This has been remedied to some extent with GDTF.
    Some manufactures are creating custom Attribute Definitions (avoiding the preexisting default definitions), which then allows them control over the Feature mapping.

    If you find this default mapping frustrating, I suggest you bring it up with your distributor. I brought it to ACT in April of last year and I'm hopeful we'll see it improved in a future release.

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