Make TOGGLE behave like TEMP

  • Hello there,

    I have a busking showfile, where I have a separate sequence with one cue each for different parameters mapped to a software button in layout view. For each of these sequences "Off when overridden" is obviously switched on. Because of that, when I switch on the "color red sequence", the "color blue sequence", that was active before that, gets turned off automatically. Works great, I use it with all fixtures and all parameters.

    Now my problem: I wanna map a special function (a fly out effect) to a toggle button, that controls several parameters (movement and dimmer). If I map this function to a TEMP button, it works great. As long as I keep pushing the TEMP button, the effect is active, and when I let go, every parameter goes back to whatever it was before. If I try the same with a TOGGLE button, I can toggle on the effect with no problem, but when I toggle it off, the parameters will not go back to their state before I activated the toggle button. All the sequences have been stopped because of the "off when overridden" setting.

    Is there any way to get the exact function of a TEMP button, but as a TOGGLE? I hope my explanation was good enough :D

    Thanks for you help!

  • this seems to work:

    change the function of the button from Temp to Off, right after Temp is pressed (and not yet released), then change button back to Temp, next time button is pressed:

    Utilize the cuecommands of offcue and cuezero to do achieve this:

    e.g. executor 201

    1. in the commandfield of cue "CueZero", enter : Assign Off Executor 201

    2. in the commandfield of cue "OffCue", enter : Assign Temp Executor 201

    3. assign Temp as button function for the very first run

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