Move in Black Issue with Multi Instance Fixtures like Martin MAC Aura XIP

  • I have a theater style sequence and MIB is working quiet well for all my fixtures expect the Martin Mac Aura XIP in Basic Mode. (Software Version

    The strange thing is in principle MIB is also working for Aura XIP, e.g. RGB values are moved in black as expected. The only values which are not working are Pan/Tilt and Zoom.

    What I figured out is, that those values are part of the main instance. All values of the beam and aura instance are moving quiet well. Only the values of the main instance are not working.,

    I did a small sample sequence with just one fixture and there it’s visible quiet well. Although both dimmers are closed in Cue 3, only the RGB values are prepared for Cue 5. The P/T values for Cue 4 are not prepared at all.

    My assumption is, that the main instance has no dimmer and that causes some problems for MIB. Any idea how I can fix this issue?

  • Thanks a lot for the reply Clintos.

    I gave it a try and in principle it's already enough to add a simple virtual channel to the fixture. Even if there is no relation to the instances, this virtual dimmer in the main fixture helps to control MIB.

    Unfortunately, this workaround is not an ideal solution as I've to set dimmer values for the main instance in the cues as well. My expectation for MIB in that case was that if all instances are dark MIB for the main fixture is allowed. If one instance has a dimmer value above zero, no MIB is allowed. But unfortunately, that does not track to the main instance above.

    Not sure if that’s a bug or just an unexpected behavior. But in that case in complicates usage of multi instance fixtures in theater a lot.

  • Personally I don’t like fixtures ever to not have a master dimmer in the main instance so I always modify them so when I hit Fixture 1 at Full light comes out the main beam. But that’s just personal preference.

    If you don’t want to do that you can go the other way, add the virtual dimmer in the main fixture, then create relations for the child fixtures to drive that virtual dimmer. It won’t affect your programming or on stage look but should give you the desired MIB functionality.

    You of course request changes to the current functionality with your local distributor.

  • Thanks again. I completly understand what you mean and that's what I like as well. In principile I would like to treat beam and main instance as one fixture and the aura as another.

    In the mean time I think I managed it. I had to specify the relation as multiply not as override and put the default dimmer value in the child instance at 255. With override I see no effect at all, with multiply it works quiet well.

    One step - I was missing before - I had an existing sequence were I replaced the single instance fixtures with the new auras. So all dimmer values were copied to the child instances. After adding the new virtual dimmer channel, for sure there were no dimmer values for it. So I had to clone the dimmer values from the child instance to the master instance and remove the child values afterwards. Now MIB seems to work fine for child and master instance.

    Thanks again for your great support!

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