Exec Buttons Keyboard Shortcuts Bug

  • Hey Everyone,

    Today I wanted to use a touchscreen laptop with OnPC and a 2port node to run a very simple show. I've ran into an issue where keyboard shortcuts assigned to executor buttons seem to be behaving quite weirdly.

    Steps to reproduce:

    - open GrandMA3 OnPc Clean Start

    - Assign Sequence 1 At Exec 101

    - Store Cue 1 thru 20 At Sequence 1

    - Set the exec 101 button function to Go+

    - Enable keyboard shortcuts

    - Press Ctrl+F1

    What happens (on my machine) is that every time i use Ctrl+F1 to Go the sequence it jumps multiple cues ahead. When i use the virtual playback buttons in the playback screen using my mouse it triggers the next cue as expected. using the DEF_GO shortcut (space) also works as expected. This behaviour also happens on other exec locations, and the XKeys. It also happens when i set the key function to GO-, <<<, >>>

    Assigning a Quickey with the DEF_GO to one of the execs and triggering that using the keyboard shortcut does work as expected.

    I have not been able to test this on another machine yet.

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  • Update: I have just reproduced this using above steps after installing on a PC that has never had installed on it, using the blank built in showfile when first opening it after installing it.

    I can also confirm that this does not happen in

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