It is recommended that MA also launch this kind small device like Avolites T3 and lower the price.

  • I think MA left the path for small shows/theatres/houses of worship already a long time ago.

    In grandMA1 times, we had the Pico and Micro consoles. grandMA2 had no such thing, but that area was somehow covered by the dot2 series, which was abandoned unfortunately.

    The current cheapest hardware (!) solution is the playback/command wings, which is already the price of other fully integrated consoles like the Chamsys MQ series.

    But to be fair, when purchasing the cheapest onPC 2port node, you already get a very capable software environment with DMX output. And as the software is very open to all sorts of remote control protocols, you can build yourself a DIY control surface from a variety of MIDI controllers.

  • You know what, I have a dot2 1k node and also a ma3 2k node, and many MIDI controllers. I handle them very well, but I still miss dot2, especially updates for this platform. MA2 still receives updates, but dot2 has been completely abandoned...

    I am working on various MIDI control solutions, such as LED feedback, motorized faders, Stream Deck, etc. I plan to develop a certain idea that will allow visual modification of dot2 controls, so that you can place custom graphics or animations on the executors... but that’s still a long way off.

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