Multi Instance Control and Phasers

  • Running version

    Having some problems with multi cell fixtures...

    Namely Robe Tetra2 mode 4 and GLP JDC1 Spix…

    First, wrapping my head around having all of these decimal points is not easy. Having said that, I am fairly sure I am only affecting the instances I’m supposed to, as I can solo thru them in the right order. But, I have not altered the selection grids at all.

    When I run dimmer effects, like a 0/100 phaser with 0-700 phase offset, the fixtures will chase like they are supposed to, but they seem to have this overtaking dim effect like there’s an effect on the master dimmer. But I’m only running the effect on pixels, not the parent fixture or whatever.

    I feel like I’m missing something, but these insane fixture profiles are not making anything any easier. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

  • To be sure check your fixture sheet, here you can see exactly what is running where.

    But I mainly just wanted to let you know that the Robe Tetra2 fixture profiles are a pain in the butt every day of the week, mode 2 or 3, it's not you dude.

    (pain level 2 = operating this fixture in full mode with 2 different operators using different color balls!)

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