Midi Controler with dot2

  • give me free copy (of bomac)..not limited and i will do a review

    I'm only a happy user of bomac - better contact Bernd the creator of that software.
    But why not a unlimited version? That free version has full function except the maximum of 14 keys/fader.
    That is much and i think also enough to test it and to write a review.

    But when you write your review - bomac is not focused to convert midi to a GMA2/DOT2.

    Its focus is more about having a bartender to let him adjust the lights at the bar over network thru the console.
    Giving a DJ the possibility to hit the strobe or fog, because he can't control a GMA2.
    Having a speaker at desk start his slides/video which stored on a media server.
    As I wrote, convert local devices to remote the local onPC software is only secondary use case.

    other topic:
    I saw some other posts from you here. I think you paid much more than 50 bug+taxes (which BOMAC costs) when you tried to find workarounds. I think you spend much more than 1 hour for that.

  • Hello
    not the only one user of bomac :) i also have licence
    This program works very well but has one defect.
    controls dot2 but does not receive feedback.
    It does not control our midi controllers (leds etc) from dot2.

    I was wondering how to solve this problem and I have the idea of using a web server built into dot2.

    Unfortunately, I do not know the programming language in which the server web page is written and how the data exchange is done (maybe javascript?)

    My programming knowledge is limited to delphi and C++/Arduino on AVR

    In the directory there are files that dot2 emits as a server.
    x:\ProgramData\MA Lighting Technologies\dot2\dot2_V_1.3.2\webserver

    If we solve this we get more control over dot2, I think here from encoders and keyboards, not just only the executors

    What do you think?
    Sorry for my english, i use translator :|

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