• If you want to be able to go through the sequence hitting go+ while completely skipping certain cues one option is to place the following syntax in the command line for the cue before the one you wish to disable: "load cue X" (X being the next cue you would like not "disabled."

    In this way, when you get to the cue before the "disabled" one it will load the next "not disabled" cue so when you hit go+ it will fire the "not disabled" cue as opposed to the "disabled" one. Hope that makes sense!

  • I'd like this feature too. Normal use case: You created a cool look for a program element, but you're not sure if that element is going to make it into the final program, instance, night, showing. Example: Tonight's program is going to skip verse 3. You know it in advance and would like to be able to just keep hitting Go+ without worrying about needing to jump to a specific cue number. However, the next night verse 3 will get used so re-enable the cue(s).

    Hopefully disabled cues will be easier to identify and toggle then finding and removing cmd macros that skip ahead to a later cue numbers.

    I can see use cases for having tracking excluded and cases for forwarding.

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