looking for a plugin that mirrors a spotlight symmetrically to its counterpart (incl. shaper plane)

  • Hi, I'm looking for a way to mirror the entire shaper plane. in the theater, I very often need to mirror a spotlight symmetrically to its counterpart. I have already built a macro that mirrors the pan (at absolute physical %-100). However, for the shaper this only works for the shaper rotation, but to mirror it correctly i need to swap shaper 2 and 4 for example. this can probably only be done with a plugin, right?

    i'm unfortunately not very familiar with lua yet, so my question is if someone has by chance already written a script and would be willing to share it.

    i would be very grateful!

  • Thanks Andreas, I wrote a macro that works perfectly with fixtures with "A/B" shapers as well as for fixtures with a shaper value and rotation for the respective shaper.

    I just have problems with motoryoke fixtures with barndoors. Everything works except BarndoorsAssembly (similar to ShaperRotation). The problem is that this has a zero value of 50 in the Attribute (the value is 0-100, but physical -90 - +90). I have already tried to change a lot in the Attribute definition, e.g. changed the Physical Unit to Angle, but it always stays at a positive value of 0-100. So the mirroring (%-100) does not work for this Attribute. To try it out I changed the Attribute in the fixturetype to ShaperRotation, then it works, but I already have some presets that are not correct after that.

    Do you know how I can change it for BarndoorsAssembly, that the default value is 0, that it is recognized as angle?

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