Editing the universal fixture

  • The white attribute is not in the Universal fixture, I guess because some fixtures have it and some don't, or have Lime, UV, Amber etc instead..

    Is there a negative aspect of adding all these to the universal FIXTURE if you only use them at 100 or 0 for Universal color presets?

    Also, there is no WHITE fader in the color picker anymore, I miss that.

  • you have no white in CMY...and you can mix all colors from RGB, that is why the universal fixture only use RGB and no RGBW. It is a bad idea to add a white in the universal fixture cause it can cause trouble as well in GDTF fixtures, especially if they use universal phaser..

    about the fader....see the answer about about RGB

  • You don't need white in universal fixrure.

    Color is referneced by its position x,y in the cie triangle.

    if you use fixtures with white, cyan, lime or whatever, the desk will recalculate the value of each parameter to match the x,y color's coordonates.

  • Thanks for the replies, ok so bad idea for the universal fixture.

    For the white fader, I work with an LD that likes to fiddle with the RAW colorfaders himself.

    That was super easy in mode 2.

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