• I have observed the following behaviour:

    I have a sequence’s master controlled by a dmx remote. The sequence has only one empty cue, with a command. When I raise the sequence master manually, the sequence is started correctly, and the command is executed. When I raise the master via the dmx remote, the cue command does not execute. If I now manually perform a Go+ on the sequence, the command is executed.

    I do not see why there is a difference between me moving the master, or it being moved by the dmx remote.

    Anyone encountered a similar situation?

  • Thanks for the input, that is what I have done in the end.

    Very interesting, when I've changed the cue command to "Go+ Macro x", the command was executed right even when triggered by the dmx remote. Only my original command, which was something like "Assign Group x at Sequence y Cue 1 part 0.1", failed to execute.

    Still don't understand what was the reason for this.

  • Hi KCUFRADIO4625,

    this is unfortunately a bug in the current software version (1.9), which has already been fixed for the next release.

    Remote inputs are currently run from the Guest user, which has only playback rights. If the Cue command needs more user rights, like in your Assign example, it won't be executed.

    You can either change the User rights of the Guest user to "Admin". However, this will reset when loading the showfile again. Or you put your command in a macro and run that macro from the Cue command.

    Best regards,


  • Thank you for the detailed answer Sebastian!

    I understand now why the software behaved like this.

    In the end I ended up using a macro, as you suggested too.

    Looking forward for the next release!

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