• Hi

    Is there a way to make a Universal embedded Phaser?

    I want to make a Flyout effect but with shutter open / shutter closed instead of the Dimmer. So that de Dimmer can be controlled independently.

    I have Presets for Tilt Stage and Tilt Roof, and Shutter Open and Shutter Closed.

    For one Selection it works but i want so store it in a Recepie so if i get in a new venue I can just replace the Group and update the Presets

    I hope you can understand what my goal is :)


  • Short answer: You can't because the Universal Fixture don't have a Shutter attribute.
    Long answer: You can, but you need to update the Universal Fixture and add a Shutter attribute! But be careful with that because some fixtures have the value shutter close/open, some not...and that means as well that the values are different and so the universal value is not valid!
    Result: I would not update the Universal Fixture and you can't create a FlyOut with Shutter attribute as Universal Phaser.

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