3dview not inverting dmx?

  • So the real world for me determines which fixtures get inverted so every fixture turns the same way on my encoders, for all my fixture types. If the 3d mismatches that i will turn the 3d. But if the fixtures already match the 3d, and i decide to invert, now suddenly i have to also adjust the 3d manually.

    (The encoder inverts don't help either. same thing. It does not affect the 3d)

    Wouldn't it be better to have the 3d just follow that invert? Or maybe introduce a 3d invert as well? Or some quick button to flip fixtures on an axis?

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  • You have on each fixture (in real world) labeled what is front and what not...in ideal world, the GDTF fixtures are build that way that they behave like a real one. If you notice that it might be wrong, you can edit the fixture type and invert P/T there in the file itself. The Invert-function in real world is mainly used if a fixture is upside-down so that you can have control by selecting all in the same direction....neverless it can happen for sure that also a fixture is placed on stage wrong and you need to quick change something, you use as well Invert....and to say, the 3D is a nice toy, but its not a visualizer and there might be a change to be done manually....so, sorry you have to take them one by one. And in the ideal world the drawing is done correct so that there is no need to change....so in that case, you have the CAD done correct, but on stage its build wrong....so what is more important?

  • Oh i totally agree the 3d view is a toy, and nothing more. For serious pre-programming i wont even go near it.

    The invert function isn't just for inverting fixture that are upside down though. for example. when touring with a band, i often use parts of the house rig. Those generally aren't all hung in the same direction. So some of my presets that face the audience, now face the back wall. inverting the dmx will fix that quickly. (for the most part,always need some adjustments of course). It just would be nice if it was possible to quick fix the 3d view in the same way. Not absolutely essential off course, but a nice to have definitely.

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