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  • Dear,

    I want making my own winch LED fixture, I would like this fixture working with 3D. A winch LED is a LED RGBW sphere it can move, in height, from 0 to 6 meters. I found on gMA3 help how to make a head moving LED, to understand how movements 3D is working. But I don't know how to make a height movement. I tried to make a new Attribute Definitions, and use it on a New Fixture Type, but it's not working on 3D Scene.

    On Attribute Definitions tab,I created a "Distance" as new attribute, but some attributes appear in orange, and I don't know what it's mean. I try on many other attributeq already existing, but it's not working.

    I just want to know how link a value (0 to 100% DMX) to a Z position (0 to -6m) on my sphere fixture ?

    Or, do you have a Fixture working in height in 3D Scene, that I can use to create my own ?

  • You need a 'Moving Path' Fixture Type and the special helper object in the model to allow for Translation of an object within the Scene/Stage.

    It's the Sub Attribute within the fixture that actually does the animation with the 3D environment.

  • Thank Ryan,

    My model is moving now, but no way to limit the lenght between 0 and 6m (0% to 100% DMX), I can only move from -100m to 100m, and all the 3D model is moving, not only my sphere ! On Edit Fixture, I wrote Physical from "0" Physical to "-6", but it's not working. (I cannot edit the value now, I don't know why).

    I'm so close ! So frustrating


    I don't know how to "special helper object in the model to allow for Translation"

    On gMA3 Help,

    Activating XYZ for Fixture Types - grandMA3 User Manual - Help pages of MA Lighting International GmbH

    No way to edit the XYZ cell to say "Yes".


    I added a new "movement space" on Patch, I created a new one, and set Min Z to -6 and Max Z to 0. That working, but I cannot use float number (only -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 and 0), and the movement is very fast, no smooth ... Not very realistic.

    Not easy ! I keep going

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