Using grandMA3 onPC with onboard GPU

  • Hi everyone,

    sorry if this question was asked before, but i couldnt find anything, so here we are.

    I got a new laptop with a Ryzen9 5900HX, so kinda powerful for laptopstandards i guess, but it only has onboard graphics with 512MB dedicated VRAM + 8GB shared memory.

    When i start up grandMA3 onPC it tells me my vram is too low with only 512MB, as it needs 1024MB and it crashes soon after startup.

    Is the lack of vram really the issue here? Games for example dont seem to bother much. Sure not all games get playable fps but some run exceptionaly well. Valorant, Guildwars2 and World of Warcraft for example. And i dont get any errormessages concerning my low vram.

    I guess other applications are fine with the shared memory; grandMA3 onPC seems to be the only application thats not.

    So im wondering: is there a way to run grandMA3 onPC with less than 1024MB vram?

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