World filters for Matricks

  • Hello forum,

    I've been encountering an issue while using worlds and MAtricks :

    I have a show where I have multiple stages (assigned to different worlds, like Stage 1 world 2 / stage 2 world 3 and so on)

    And the fixtures from stages 2 and above are cloned from stage 1 fixtures.

    My groups are like this :

    -stage 1 : world 2 group 1 with 4 spots (101 thru 104)

    -stage 2 : world 3 group 1 with 4 spots (1001 thru 1004)

    Which means that in my full world I have 8 spots on group 1 (101 thru 104 + 1001 thru 1004).

    Here comes my problem;

    Whenever I want to create a phaser with my group 1 in world 2 my matricks acts as if I have 8 fixtures in my group when if I selfix my group in world 2 it actually selects 4 fixtures.

    It appears that MAtricks selects fixtures from the world full instead of the current one.

    Is there a way to apply worlds filters to MAtricks ? Or do I have to use different groups where everything is really separated instead of just filtered with worlds ?

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