Startshow Colorgrid / Layout doesn't work for one fixture even with correct presets

  • Hey everyone,

    I started my first MA3 project for an upcoming event and wanted to use the start show to make things easier.
    It mostly worked so far but one of my fixture groups just doesn't work in the preprogrammed Color Layout. At first I thought I just needed to update the color presets for the fixture but that didn't change anything the presets were already correct.
    If I now select the group and choose one of the predefined colorpresets it works like a charme but when I try to use the buttons in the layout, nothing happens as if the colors are not assigned. I've cooked the colors several times but it just won't work.

    Here is a video that shows the exact problem:

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    What am I missing?
    I've been trying to fix it but no luck. Maybe someone with a little more experience can spot my mistake..
    Thanks in advance! :)

  • I haven't watched the video, but maybe you're using a multi-instance fixture and have just the main head in the StartShowGroup? At the moment, cooking does not look down the tree, and the sequences are built by recipes getting cooked. So you would not get color data in those sequences for pixels if the pixels are not actually in the group.

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