Software update / fixture library update

  • Hi MA People,

    Just wondering if there will ever be a new version of software for the Dot2 since the last one came out over 3 years ago? If not new software a updated fixture library would be really lovely. There has been quite a few fixtures released in the last few years that aren't in the console and as lovely as MA fixture share is, I regularly find that the fixtures on there either don't work properly or in the case of the Chauvet Maverick Force 1 spot fixture, crashes the console every time you press the beam parameter! I presume the MA fixture library has been updated with MA3 updates as I presume like most manufactures the library information comes from Carallon or similar so I would have thought this would be fairly easy to do!

    I shall keep my fingers crossed this can be implemented as they are getting tired of having to create fixtures using fixture builder 8o



  • I'm not holding my breath for either, but on the fixtureshare, there is a switch on the top right to change between MA2 and MA3 libraries. I've never had any issue with MA 2 fixtures from there. Not that I've downloaded all that many. Hope this helps.

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