Reverse Selection and Invert Wings

  • Hey!
    I would like to create the following effects:
    A color bump from left to right,
    A color bump from right to left
    A color bump from center out

    I have my fixtures in a group.
    I select this group, set the fixtures to white, set the delay times from 0 to 1, store it in a sequence
    for the next cue, I set the feature set "color" ro "release", set the delay times from 0 to 1 (again), store it as 2nd cue.
    I set the 2nd cue to Time and their Time to 0.2, the fade times for all cues to 0.5 - and in the sequence settings I assign a Rate Master.
    This looks awesome and is flexible.

    For Right to Left.
    I would think, I could do the same thing, but set the delay times from 1 to 0.
    But this doesn't work. I enter "1 thru 0", but it changes it to "0 thru 1", without telling me.
    So I try to flip the selection grid.
    This doesn't work either. It looks like it should work, but it doesn't.

    So I rotate the selection grid by 90 degrees, and then by 90 degrees again, and THEN set the delay times.
    This works.

    Now for my color bump "center out".
    I go to MAtricks and select Wings=2
    Unfortunately this lets my effect run from Out to In.
    How can I reverse it?
    setting the delay times from 1 to 0 is not available
    And I have not found a way to flip the wings to "inside out".

    I ended up selecting the fixtures by hand and storing this in a seperate group. But I think there should be a quicker.
    I would be happy enough if I could drag and drop the selection grid entries around, but that doesn't seem possible.

    Do you have an idea how I do that more quickly?

  • Try do all the delay times in matricks. Atleast for me that works for all directions. And also you can combine them with y-axis if you have a grid that has fixtures on the y-axis.

    And further more I would use recepie lines with matricks to make this quicker.

    Third point. You could also use cue part with 'allow dublicates' enabled in the Cue to achieve color bumps in one Cue. Just make sure 'allow dublicates' is enabled when storing the Cue parts.

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