Global Preset for different Fixture Modes

  • Hey everyone,

    Just got a question about global presets with different fixture modes.

    When I first started playing around with MA3 and noticed that in the patch all the modes are under one fixture type I was excited hoping that global presets would now work with all the modes with the same attributes under the one fixture type. But sadly now having a play with it properly it doesn't do what I would hope it would.

    I work mainly in film and tv and using the Arri Skypanel range as an example. You have 4 different lights that use the same LED engine and are the same colour, yes in one mode they can all use the same fixture profile but when they are in Light Engine mode they all need a different profile. I was hoping I could just make a custom fixture type with all these modes in and then just select the mode depending on which light is in use and there for the one set of global presets would still work. This would save a lot of time as I wouldn't have to clone presets when ever a new colour is made on set.

    Does anyone know of an easier way of doing this? If all else fails I can just go back to my MA2 way and have macros that clone everything but it would be nice if there was a better way.



  • You should be able to do the same cloning workflow that you're doing in MA2 in MA3.

    You can patch one instance of each of the fixture types that you want, and then clone from one fixture to the others. As long as they stay in your patch the color information should stay in your showfile. EX: "Clone fixture 101 at fixture 1001 if preset 4.*"

    I would then put all of those fixtures in a group. That way when you need to add more color you can select the group that has all of them in it and the information will apply to all of them.

    Then all you should have to do is patch multiple instances of the fixture type that you need and all the information should carry over as long as it's all global.

    You would just need to make sure that when you are cleaning up your file that you keep at least one instance of each fixture profile that you might need.

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