Update preset with new information

  • Hello Forum,

    I have an all preset, which is a phaser and references a universal color preset. It has been created using integrate/step.

    When new attributes are added to the universal color preset, these won't show up in the specific step in the phaser where this color preset is integrated.

    It seems like there is no reference, I want all attributes in the universal color preset to be used in the phaser step.

    Is there a way to update the phaser preset? I have tried recast but that does not seem to work.

  • I use universal presets to create selective phasers. I then store the selective phaser preset in my sequence. If I update the selective preset that will be reflected in my sequence. It looks like an extra step, but I think the key is to think of Universal phaser presets as templates and selective phasers presets as show specific.

    Another approach might be to use the Universal Phaser as a part of a recipe, which will be cooked on playback.

  • Yes I think this is just not possible. When using integrate only the the attributes known at that moment in the showfile are being referenced. When adding a new fixture in the showfile with new attributes each phasers needs to be updated. I am now looking in the clone fixture x attribute "ColorRGB_*" at fixture x attribute "FlowerColor_*" syntax to make it easier.

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