Trigger wings with plugin?

  • Set Selection MAtricks "XWings" 2

    So I was going slow. Just only have a few lines, the 2nd line to turn highlight on works. Soon as i put in Set Selection line in I get a syntax error.

    local function main()
        CmdIndirectWait('Highlight On')
        Set Selection MAtricks "XWings" 2
    return main

    Any pointers. Just looking to take the selection I have chosen and put it in 2 Xwings. Before I move on.


  • My bad I thought this was the Plugin section of the forums. Wait a minute it is. Why am I getting a command line answer when I asked for the syntax in LUA fashion from the beginning. Thanks for the goose chase. Now can anyone point me as to the correct LUA way to write CmdIndirectWait('MAtricks "X/ w2"') so that when I click on the plugin i get X Wings of 2?

  • from your posts, it seemed like you knew how to use the Lua function CmdIndirectWait('comandline syntax goes here')

    e.g. your lua code CmdIndirectWait('MAtricks "X/ w2"') and CmdIndirectWait('Highlight On')

    as apparently this is not the case, try the following Lua code:

    CmdIndirectWait('Set Selection MAtricks "XWings" 2')

  • CmdIndirectWait('Set Selection MAtricks "XWings" 2')

    Thank you Andreas. I was finally able to get back to this little plugin I was wanting to make. And your solution is the one that got me wings of 2 on the X axis. If anyone wants it here it is. I originally got this idea from Thomas Kopper. I call it the Sym Tester.

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