MATricks didnt show preview on 3D Viz (ver:

  • Hi all,

    I'm using GrandMA on PC software version and trying the MATricks, however, it didn't show the preview on 3D view. I tried to save it into fader and after running the stored cue on fader, the program shows the correct result that I wanted to.

    Is there anyone ever experiencing the same issues? Thank you all!

  • Hi, same issue with MAtricks for me in 1.9.3 and 1.9.7. I would like to see fade or delay effect from MAtricks Editor in 3D preview before storing it to the preset; same way we can see it eg. in MA University videos... MAtricks effects works fine with stored preset but would be nice to adjust them beforehand. Can´t figure out how to achieve this... Thank you!

    EDIT: I will reply myself: "From software version 1.6 onwards the behaviour of MAtricks changed! They will not immediately change the programmer to avoid that even small adjustments affect the output by accident." (MA University, grandMA3 Basic Training | MAtricks)

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