Building MA3/GDTF Fixture Profiles

  • Through the process of updating my fixture profiles on MA3 I have questions about the implementation of the following that was not clear in the manual:

    Emitters - How do these affect the functionality of the software? Why is it important to have them defined and assigned in fixture profiles?

    Same questions for CRIs and FTF

    Beam Geometry

    - What are MultiBeam Blur, ColorRenderingIndex, and IsMainBeam


    - For my fixture profiles with SOURCE indicating grandMA2, is there any possible way to convert them on the desk into a GDTF, or must they be rebuilt from scratch as a new profile?

    Charlie Winter Lighting

    Lighting Director / Programmer

    New York, NY

  • I start answering with Source you have to build them from scratch on. Point is, it all refere to the geometiries which was different in MA2.
    Emitters are only really useful if you have all different measures of the emitters of LED Fixtures. I would say, we as idividual have no chance to get the detail curves of the different LED. You can use juste RGBW...and preset a clear R,....the reason is, if you use the color picker you can match the colors better (Robe is really good in that way)....because the red what you might have look different than the one of the color picker.
    Beam Geomerty...sorry I can't say something about this.
    And if my answers are not correct I am happy if someone correct it ;)

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