Sub-fixture sequence from GDTF files

  • Hi,

    I'm building a GDTF file for LED fixture with multiple individually controllable pixels. It contains "effect" part that controls effect generator and "pixels" that are for individual RGBW pixel control.

    Effect part has RGBW color channels, dimmer channel and effect control channels.

    Pixels are RGBW with virtual dimmer.

    Actual fixture output is sum of these two independent parts, but I'm simplifying the visualization so only Pixels will get output. (and visualisation is not the concern here)

    I've built fixture using two types of "Beam" Geometries - Pixels referenced multiple times (with DMX Address Offsets for each) and one representing Effect part.

    The sequence of these Geometries in FixtureType determines the sequence of sub-fixtures.

    If first of these Geometries is the "pixels", I get a fixture that has empty "parent" part with children for each pixel and last child representing Effect control. Everything works as expected.

    But I would like to have the Effect sub-fixture to be the 1st child (so it gets ID .1) and pixels to follow (with IDs starting from .2).

    If I swap those geometries so Effect is before Pixels what I get is the Parent fixture now has all the Effect control channels and only Pixels are sub-fixtures. Problem with this is that if i Select the parent to edit Dimmer or RGBW values, Pixel parameters get edited as well.

    Besides this, Effect dimmer is now affecting Pixel intensity dimmer readout everywhere in console and acts as a master while actual output is fine (probably this is a bug?).

    What I need is to force all Geometries to be children of the fixture and fixture top level to be empty. Is there a way to achieve this?

    If I understand correctly - GDTF has no means of doing this and the way Geometries are mapped to fixture sub-parts is purely on MA3 side.

    How these two fixture profiles show up in Fixture sheet:

    The only difference in FixtureType is the sequence of Geometries - Effects then Pixels or Pixels then Effects:

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