Fixture Parameter count

  • This is a slightly dumb question, but I've been trying to figure it out for a bit lol. How can you view the amount of parameters that a specific fixturetype uses? Not the full patched rig, but just one fixturetype. Can't find it in patch, I know I must be missing it lol

    Thanks all

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    There is no function for it but perhaps a little workaround.

    Go into the patch and switch "columns" to full, select "Fixture Types" and then the FT you want to see the parameter.

    Now you can move all fixtures of this FT into a free universe"s" e.g. 100.

    Go to DMX Universes in the patch and have a look at the coarse parameters of universe 100.

    This are the real parameter without the virtual.

    If you leave the patch "Discard and Exit"

    Maybe it helps!?

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