3D View problems - Beams disappear irresistibly

  • Hi together,

    I am unfortunately a complete MA3 beginner and am already failing with the conversion from grandMA2 onPC to MA3 onPC.

    I am an amateur and taught myself how to use MA2 out of passion for your job.

    When I load the demo show, I get all the beams displayed normally in the 3D viewer and everything runs as expected. As soon as I change my view and for example select another view option, my beams and spots disappear irresistibly when I go back to the 3d view. No matter how much I adjust the 3d view settings (beam 400% etc.) I can't change anything. Recorded the whole thing in a short video and would be extremely grateful for help.

    Bug Screencast

    Thanks for the feedback and best regards

  • Hi Rikurama,

    I have an AMD Radeon RX6800XT. This should actually be quite powerful.

    However, I can also imagine a graphics error, since I was able to generate completely wrong beams quite quickly when playing around in the 3D Viewer.

  • Yes that is mire than enough juice. Could be the drivers. They have had problems with amd drivers. Try to update or downgrade the drivers if that helps. i had similar problems with steam deck that also has amd inside. I tought it had something to do with the integrated graphics that the steam deck has, but could be that it is a wider driver issue.

  • Phew,

    I actually had a pending driver update, however the update did not bring any changes. I then completely uninstalled GrandMA3 and installed a previous version. Again, the same problem immediately. I am really a bit desperate here.

  • Can you try and install an older driver for graphics? You can also try to search the forum for amd related problems if there is any help. Other than this I recommend that you reach out to your local distributor for more direct support.

  • So,

    I have now tried different old video card drivers and unfortunately still the same problem. Are you sure I don't have some wrong setting in GrandMA? Because as you can see in the video, everything is always displayed completely correctly at the beginning.

    Don't know if I can ask a local distributor. I don't have any hardware myself and will probably never be able to afford one and I'm more or less a schoolboy with a passion for lighting design.

  • Hello again.

    I had to try this for my self and it seems this is only happening only in the demo show. At least that is the case for me.

    Can you try to make a new show and patch some stuff in there and try the 3d then? Or use the start show to make a quick show for your self. It does not happen on a machine that runs on nvidia. Only on steam deck that runs on AMD.

  • Hi Nicoderon, I had exactly the same issue couple days ago. I'm also using AMD graphics (RX 6600) so I believe our cases are mostly the same.

    Maybe I can suggest this, please downgrade your GPU driver to this version AMD Software ver 22.5.1 released on 28/04/2022, for GrandMA version you can use the latest one

    Hope this can help! ;)

  • Hi Sanady,

    hard to believe, but with the downgrade to 22.5.1 it actually worked. I hope that MA will follow suit at some point, because since the PC also functions as a gaming PC for me, it is not optimal to keep on old drivers .

    Thanks for all your support.

    I'm really looking forward to getting to grips with GrandMA3.


  • Hi Nicoderon, Indeed hard to believe. I'm also shocked as the driver version is very old, unsure which parties need to adjust their software version AMD/ MA.

    Hopefully, we can use the latest AMD driver for the upcoming MA version.

  • I am using the AMD RX580 graphics card and cannot display the beam in MA3D, but it is possible with NVIDIA graphics cards and Intel integrated graphics cards. Following the method in this post, I can switch to the 22.5.1 driver and display the beam. Thank you all.

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