• Please try the DMX Tilt Invert, maybe that could solve your problem.

    Furthermore it would be nice to have pictures of the different positions you talk about. So for me it would be better to imagine.
    I would be also very happy if I can provide you the contact of your local distributor, when you tell me where are you from.

    I hope that helps.

    Cheers :)

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  • Hi b52productions,
    i understand your question.
    There is no way of quickly changing your chasers right now,
    as we cannot put in a "invert" Position, based on the actual Position of the moving light.
    To invert DMX might help in some situations, but surely not in all.
    The function you´re after is either a temporary Offset (stagehands have hung up all fixtures with the Display to the front,
    but three of the fixtures they hung up turned by 90 degrees, so the Display faces to the left.
    A Offset in Setup for These three lights on 90 degrees and you´re back in the game.
    Next Show, the stagehands are more clever and hung all correct - you just take the Offset out and off you go
    an "invert" on positions: the console knows where your lights shine to and inverts f.e. the pan values sensefull, to give you the desired look -
    maybe also like "mirroring" positions, based on the look onstage.
    Like said before, DMX invert might help in some situations, but surely not in all possible twists you run into.
    Anyway -also no function in MAs at the Moment.

    What might make sense for you is, to base all of your programming (chasers, sequences a.s.o.) strictly on Presets (especially for positions).
    Setup like this, you either update your presets on the next gig - and all Chasers and Sequences, that are based on These Presets are automaticly updated
    build new presets and use the replace command, to Exchange the "old" presets angainst "new" ones.
    Pls see tips & tricks Video about replace:

    dot2 Tips + Tricks dot2 No. 24 – about the “replace” command

    Hope this helps a bit?

    Anyway, Daniel asked where you´re from and you answered you´re from the US.
    If you´re in Need, you can also Chat with the guys from our US Distributor act lighting.
    They run an amazing tech Support (as well ;) :(

    have a good one,

    Michael "Qincy"

  • since i travel i never know who is rigging and what the layout may be which is too many unknowns to program for..

    i wish to have several show files with different layouts saved..

    then only use chasers in my button wings.. all of which only serve as a position movements "min and max" i hope soon to have incorporated

    and then use exec buttons on f1 /f2 /master for effects and color assignments based on group selection

    tryn to keep everything dynamic.

    ps. is it not possible to cmd then add 90 degree value say in chaser sequence 1.001 ?

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