Timecode Ranges Question

  • So, I've got a question about Timecode Ranges.

    In the example below I have one track with 3 ranges (Intro=red, Verse=green, Chorus=blue) and each range has 3 Go+s.

    Since Events are applied to a range and the time shown in the text view is relative to the range start the first cue in each range starts at 1 second then 20 seconds and so on.

    Sorting by Time arranges all the events based on their relative time from the start of their applied range, so all of the first events in each range are lumped together. Sorting by any other header seems to maybe sort by when the event was stored so not necessarily in any usable order.

    Since you can't see what range an event is applied to there is no option of sorting by range then perhaps time.

    Might it be possible to either show the range that an event is part of in the text mode and if you sort by this field it sorts by range then time or, (and this is probably hard) show the absolute time of the event in the text view (maybe disabling editing of that field to avoid issues when you move the range) so you can sort by time and have the events show up in the correct order. Even allowing to filter the text view by Track or Track Group would help.

    Originally I thought this could be fixed using Tracks or Track Groups but these run into the same sorting issue.

    I still see Ranges as very helpful if you want to copy/paste a range to multiple parts of your timecode, as long as you only refer to the start of the range it's kind of like a black box, but then you later go and try to edit the event timing from the Text list it's not very intuitive, it's easy enough from the Timeline View using the Encoders but it seems like The Text view is a missed opportunity for flexibility.

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